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Janitorial Books

Clean-Pro Books

Buy_Me ButtonT M1-A  Building Service Contracting:  Hardbound edition (ring binding); $69.95

Buy_Me ButtonT M1-B  Building Service Contracting: Softbound edition (comb binding); $59.95.

Buy_Me ButtonT M2. Introduction to Janitorial Service Contracting: How to Succeed In Your Own Business, $19.95

Buy_Me ButtonT M3. Sales and Marketing for Janitorial Businesses:  Strategies for Estimating, Workloading, Bidding, Selling, and Promoting Cleaning Services $49.95

Buy_Me ButtonT M4. Strategic Business Planning for Janitorial Services $34.95

Buy_Me ButtonT M5.    Law Tips for Janitorial Services $14.95

Buy_Me ButtonT M6.    The Science of Professional Cleaning:  Handbook for Janitorial Service Technicians $29.95 

Buy_Me ButtonT M7.    Human Resources Management for Janitorial Services:  Employees, Subcontractors, Safety, and Security $34.95

Buy_Me ButtonT M13-A.  Janitorial Bidding Secrets: Precision Pricing Methods for Increased Sales and Profit $49.95 

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